David Krammer


DoScan (iOS)

DoScan offers a simple way to automatically recognize a sheet of paper and transform it to a perfect image or PDF, like a traditional scanner would do! DoScan also let you export the text on the image through modern OCR Technology. This is the perfect replacement for a scanner for a paperless household! 

GetPass (iOS)

Create secure Passwords with GetPass.

+ One Click Password Generation
+ One Click Copy to Clipboard

DeafChat (iOS)

DeafChat uses modern AI technology to offer real-time transcription of speech into text and also in reverse to convert written text into speech. The spoken text is picked up by your phone microphone and shown on the screen, from where you can read it. Then you can type your own text and give it out through your Speakers.

Poolify (iOS)

Simply track your Pool Values with Poolify. First measure the Values with a Measuring Device of your choice. Then simply add the specific values you measured into Poolify and get Feedback, if the measured Result is fine or should be adjusted. 

Spreed (iOS / Android)

Read Text and Books faster then ever before with the help of Spreed.
Spreed enables you to read text in the format of a .txt files uniquely! With this method, you can reach over read 1000 words per minute (WPM)!
This is depending on how trained you are.

MenuShot (macOS)

Simple Shortcut for the Screenshot-App for faster Access. Take a Screenshot or Screen Recording by simply pressing with the right Mouse Button on the MenuShot Icon in your Menu Bar or by left clicking on it and then select “Take Screenshot”. There has never been a more simple Way to take Screenshots!

Demon Tower (iOS)

Demon Tower is an Infinite Game where you play as a Knight and have to fight through waves and waves of Mystic Creatures, Fireballs and Arrows.

Made in Partnership with Mathias Leimhofer

quezz (iOS)

Party game for several people – If you don’t know the answer, you have to do something!
Before you start a new game, you can define what action to take on the “Actions” tab.
There are some predefined actions that you can edit based on your needs.


About me

I am currently 23 Years old and studied Mobile Computing (Bachelor Degree) at the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences. 

In my spare time i like to work on personal projects and also enjoy designing CAD Models and 3D printing them with one of my two FDM Printers. Furthermore i enjoy taking Photographs and taking Cinematic Shots.


  • Coding: Swift, React, React Native, Typescript, Javascript, Java, C++, C Python, Assembly, Arduino
  • CAD: Autodesk Fusion360, Bentley MicroStation v8i
  • Creative: Affinity Photo, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Figma, Luminar AI, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Others: 3D Printing, SmartHome (openHAB), working with Microcontrollers like ESP8266,..